Jamie Lynn Spears Baby Shower!

 Jamie Lynn Spears celebrated her baby shower on Saturday, May 2 with the help of her older sister Britney, People magazine reported. It was a women only event with about thirty of Jamie Lynn’s friends and family. It was a catered event held at the Spears Family’s mansion in Kentwood, La.

A source said that other than exception of sheriff deputies at the gate and paparazzi circling in helicopters above, “It was a normal shower … A wonderful, sweet occasion.” The source went on to say, “We all sat in a circle and she opened gifts and thanked every person. It was just a good old fashioned baby shower.”

Jamie Lynn told OK magazine, “I got adorable clothes. I registered for all the necessities. There is a certain type of bottle I use, Dr. Brown’s Bottles,” she said. “You need your travel set and your sling. I got a wonderful sling yesterday. It is adorable, and it will put a baby right to sleep.” She also confirmed to the magazine that she is having a girl!

Your baby can drift off to sleep in a beautiful Baby Sling just like Jamie Lynn got at her shower. This baby sling will keep your little one perfectly cradled to you. Jamie Lynn is concerned with having everything she needs while she is on the go. The Bird Nest Carrier is perfect for a traveling mom. It creates a comfortable and secure world for your baby! 

Congratulations Jamie Lynn!





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    Spears britney Spears does

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    […] only event with about thirty of Jamie Lynn??s?friends and family. It was a catered event held at thhttps://divaofdecor.wordpress.com/2008/05/08/jamie-lynn-spears-baby-shower/Kiran Chetry InterviewRecently fans of kiran chetry did an interview with her and got her to answer […]

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