Laila Ali is Undeniably Happy



Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Laila Ali and husband are expecting their first baby together. Laila married Curtis Conway, a NFL star, last July in Marina Del Rey, California. The newlyweds have been a couple ever since they met through a mutual friend two years ago.

Ali told Essence magazine, “I don’t know yet if we are having a boy or a girl, but I’m excited that I have a life inside me that my husband and I created. I am 100 percent undeniably happy. I’ve never been able to say that before.”

Ali flew across the dance floor like a butterfly in Dancing With The Stars, season number four. When asked why she signed up for Dancing With The Stars she said she liked all the glitz and glamour of dancing. 

If Ali has a girl she is going to want a glamorous nursery. She can start with the gorgeous Venetian Nursery Set. The Black Chateau Chandelier is the perfect accent to this glamorous room. The Chelsea Changer has European elegance that will last a lifetime.

When Ali is boxing, she has been known to sting like a bee! If she has a boy the little champ can be inspired to sting with the Bumble Bee Round Baby Crib. The Bumble Bee Chandelier would give him direction night or day. When it is time to rest the Bumblebee Pillow will do the job.

Whether Ali is flying across the dance floor or stinging like a bee she is 100 percent undeniably happy!



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