Should the Savage Clan Join the Circus?

Circus Art

Fred Savage childhood star of the Wonder Years and his wife Jennifer are expecting their second child in a little over a month.  They want the baby’s sex to be a delivery surprise. 

Whether you are expecting a boy or a girl, you should definitely plan ahead, remember kids, “It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark!” 

At best we can imagine a gender neutral decor that offers a warm and inviting environment to bring baby home. Of course, everyone has an opinion but really, sticking with The Diva is probably best for everyone that will have to look at the room.

Set the Big Top down in your nursery. Nothing brings more happiness than the sound of the circus coming to town! The Big Top Circus Sleigh Crib is just want the doctor ordered. The Circus Day Dressing Table is the perfect compliment to the ensemble. The proverbial cherry on top is the beautiful David Crib Bedding set. With so many colors at the circus you will have no trouble choosing an accent color to fit the sex of the baby. From the heart warming yellow to the brilliant blue the circus will never steer you wrong. 

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Baby Blues?

Blue Boy Crib

Do you have the Blues?  Well so does Jamie Lynn Spears! It’s confirmed that it’s a boy and Jamie went shopping at the word on the street is she only bought blue things. 

Now how do you make a blue only room work?   The Westport Crib is just adorable for any little baby boy.  Hip moms know they must accessorize. Tell me Diva accessorize with what? So glad you asked! 

Even rock star’s little sisters get the blues and now you can too! Jamie Lynn is only seventeen and so looking hip and staying young is important, The Diva is ready to answer the call! I love this Striped back pack style diaper bag and the price tag is adorable. If a messenger bag is more your style try the Marshall Backpack. Still if chic and sophisticated is what you are after for those ritzy play dates never fear the Tiffany Diaper Tote is here!

Jamie Lynn and sister Britney also bought blankets and towels and pajamas all in light blue. Nothing says luxury like Chenille and The Diva delivers!

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Tori Can Spell Chocolate!


When you think of the hottest new colors for baby girls what comes to mind? Well gather round The Diva– Here is the skinny on how to fatten up your nursery, Chocolate Brown and Cherry Pink.  Absolutely decadent! 

Three words describe it all DIVA-LI-CIOUS! It’s all the rage and even Tori Spelling has caught on. She has been seen shopping in Beverly Hills. Although the baby’s nursery is not completely finished, she is strongly thinking of decorating it in pink and chocolate brown. 

To get your baby girl’s nursery up to speed visit The Diva has a shopping list for you. Let The Diva fill the nursery with Chocolate that will stick to the decor and not your hips!  The Diva and her delegates have found all the latest items in chocolate and pink such as the Sugar and Spice Round Crib and Bedding, or perhaps the Cocoa Pink Dot Bassinet.   What little princess hasn’t longed for a couch with her name on it?

Now for skeptics, repeat after me: There are no boring colors or unhip rooms, only people with no imagination who think colors are just too boring or not hip enough! We will not be skeptics any more, we will be lead to divine decor by The Diva herself and we will not settle for boring, we will be inspired.

Next time you’re out and about take a look around.  You can even accent the colors with ivory, a splash of red, or lime green.  There is no better way to have sweet dreams than sleeping wrapped in Chocolate. 

Think Divalicious Thoughts!

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